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Who am I?
  Monday, September 30, 2002

Who am I? Check out for data that hasn't been updated in *years* ;-)   Some of the pictures are SO OLD, it makes me cringe. 

Here's my "standard" mugshot taken ~5 yrs ago @ my sister's wedding:

And here's a recent, chees one from work -

Amazing what some lighting and smoke effects can pull off  ;-)

A few others are sprinkled across my blog.   Since I last updated --

  • I now live in San Francisco, NOT Seattle (left in '99)
  • I went from Microsoft to Openwave Systems via a startup ( which was acquired.... I'm now at another startup (  No, none of these are Open Source companies;  we make software for wireless phones & carriers...
  • Yes, I'm one of the authors of the Halloween Memo's.    Nope, I don't really feel like chatting about them - no hard feelings...   A Google search reveals a few other aspects of my online life....

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