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Tuesday, June 10, 2003 - 06:04 AM Permanent link for Blogroll

I keep a list of daily / almost daily blogs along the left hand nav bar on my site.   There are, of course, a much larger number of interesting blogs out there that I wanna ping from time to time and throw a shout-out to.   Most of these blogs update on an almost-daily basis and are generally gauranteed to be fresh reads & perspectives. So here they are in no particular order:

  • Chris - interesting blog;  he also a frequent commentor on my blog;  I particularly liked his comments here      
  • Kolkata Libertarian - one of my "blogfathers"
  • Winterspeak - an econ / policy blog;   I'm guessing he's buddies with Megan McArdle of Jane Galt fame
  • Dean Esmay - my Ironblog challenger
  • Steve Verdon - scholarly econ
  • - basically retired but his old material was so good he earns an emeritus spot
  • Blackfive - sharp military commentary
  • RedSix
  • Sepia Mutiny - the newest, hottest, coolest Desi blog
  • ChaiTeaLatte
  • - from my buddy Manish
  • Gawker - cuz I'm an NYC wannabe
  • Dancing with Dogs - a desi blog that's a cornerstone of the Indian blogosphere
  • Tiffinbox - by Seshu Badrinath - another buddy of mine who's a fantastic photographer.   One of his picts landed in one of my blog articles here.
  • Hollywood Masala - My friend Kiran's news site about desi-happenings in Tinsel Town
  • Prashant Kothari - econ + desi + libertarian = a cool blog
  • Herstory - all Anna.  All the time.  Few women have the inner Diva to pull it off.  She does it fabulously.  Go see for yourself.
  • Abishek  - a personal blog, all over the map
  • 2 Blowhards - great art & architecture blog (+ a lot of other stuff)
  • John Massengale - great new urbanism blog
  • OneCosmos - well written blog on one of the oldest, most cross disciplinary questions around - what's man's purpose?

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