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Who am I? Monday, September 30, 2002
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Who am I? Check out for data that hasn't been updated in *years* ;-)   Some of the pictures are SO OLD, it makes me cringe. 

Here's my "standard" mugshot taken ~5 yrs ago @ my sister's wedding:

And here's a recent, chees one from work -

Amazing what some lighting and smoke effects can pull off  ;-)

A few others are sprinkled across my blog.   Since I last updated --

  • I now live in San Francisco, NOT Seattle (left in '99)
  • I went from Microsoft to Openwave Systems via a startup ( which was acquired.... I'm now at another startup (  No, none of these are Open Source companies;  we make software for wireless phones & carriers...
  • Yes, I'm one of the authors of the Halloween Memo's.    Nope, I don't really feel like chatting about them - no hard feelings...   A Google search reveals a few other aspects of my online life....

What Powers My Site? Thursday, October 10, 2002
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My primary tool for Content Management and Templating is CityDesk by FogCreek Software.    The tool is pretty slick and great for people like me who keep their laptops w/ 'em most of the time.  

The scripting language is quite weak right now (no vars, basically nonexistant string manipulation functs, hard to scope & define content sets) but it's gotten the job done so far and I'm sure it'll get better over time.

Content compiled in CityDesk is FTP'd to my personal website which is hosted on a FreeBSD box by my ISP.   The primary reason I used a desktop-based system was because I didn't want to rely on any hosted code @ my ISP (simple cgi-bin stuff being the exception).

The comments system is from cgiComments;  I described some of the integration work here.  It was far from an 'out of the box' experience to get the two working but I was eventually able to resurrect enough of my derelict programming skills....

Within the site, I make relatively detailed use of client-side includes (for ex., the list of recent articles along the left hand side) to minimize the amount of compiling / uploading that CityDesk has to do.

Why Blog? Wednesday, November 6, 2002
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The first article on my site explains part of the rationale.  The Essentials are my collection of favorite posts that gives you an idea of the types of subjects I like to rap about and my political / social views.

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