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Saturday, February 15, 2003 - 07:42 AM Permanent link for Vinod's Essentials
Vinod's Essentials

Many-a-blogger has a list of favorite posts that they find themselves coming back to over and over.   Since I'm at least as narcissistic as the rest [Image], I've got a few as well:

  • Post Modernism vs. Romanticism & Power -- Generalized inquiry into these "classic" philosophical camps and how their views contribute to respection notions about Power
  • De-Evolution of the Left & followup -- what the hell is going on with the Left when it comes to Foreign Policy?  They used to be the idealists and now, for a variety of reasons, they are pessimistic, nihilistic & have their heads in the sands
  • WMD, Realists & Idealists  -- the ever-cheapening technology of Weapons of Mass Destruction is a key force driving foriegn policy realists/isolationists to become idealists/interventionists.   The Right seems to realize this far more than the Left.
  • Male Physical Courage - a response to ESR's post on the renaissance of respect for male physical courage post 9/11 and the interaction between physicality and the intellectual
  • Democracy & Scientific Inquiry & Liberal Societies -- multi-layered, representative democracy is to governance what science is to truth -- it's an inherently plural search algorithm.   Societies that have a hard time dealing with the uncertainty of scientific inquiry similarly have a hard time grasping the heart of democracy. 
  • What are we fighting for series -- my annotation of a series of letters between US and European/Saudi intellectuals at the dawn of the Afghan/Taliban war.   The arguments back and forth are quite recognizable and will likely get regurgitated almost anytime the US takes muscular action
  • Atlas Shrugged  -- a few words about an old favorite book.   Yep, the thesis is simplistic and has many bullet holes but the words still ring more true than false.  A perenniel holiday gift for your favorite smart, ambitious, yet angst-ridden high schooler/college student.
  • Why I think we should intervene in Iraq and Why I think France / Germany Oppose this.   My arguments for going after Saddam and rationale who so many of the europhile left oppose it.
  • Am I a Libertarian ?-- Generally yes but there are some pretty big cases when I am not...
  • Reality Checking the Humanities -- why do some folks keep thinking the only thing standing between themselves and some utopian ideal is... people like me?
  • Why Hamas can't build helicopters -- a response to a great article from James Lileks
  • Desi Culture:  Where's the Party Yaar, a review, Punjabi MC, Absolut Mulit  -- snapshots of the new generation of ABCD culture
  • Guns.   Nuff Said.
  • My attempted mugging.  
  • Places - I travel a lot and occasionally feel like writing it up one way or another.   Las Vegas, Iceland, Texas.
  • A compendium of some of my posts over at the other blog, Sepia Mutiny.

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