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Sunday, October 19, 2003 - 09:15 PM Permanent link for Kiran Rao on Scrubs
Kiran Rao on Scrubs

And now, time for more abuse of my position of privilege in the blogworld to spread largesse to my buds .   I encourage y'all to watch my friend Kiran who will have a guest appearance on the Thursday, October 23 episode of Scrubs.   He'll be playing - guess what! - an Indian medical resident.  

(there is some risk that this showing will be preempted by that little thing called the World Series... if so, we'll watch for it the following Thursday)

I blogged about his earlier, short-lived appearance on Alias here and here.  This time around, he reverts back to comedy (he's previously done episodes of Frasier, Spin City, and a few other sitcoms as well). 


October 23 - 8:30 pm

My White Whale

DR. COX SEARCHES FOR A PEDIATRICIAN FOR HIS SON AND THE YOUNG DOCTORS GET INTERNS OF THEIR OWN; SCOTT FOLEY AND CHRISTOPHER MELONI GUES STAR -- As third year residents JD (Zach Braff), Turk (Donald Faison) and Elliot (Sarah Chalke) get their own set of interns and realize that they each have very different approaches training them. When JD needs help with training his interns he turns to Elliot and who refers him to her boyfriend, Sean (guest star Scott Foley) who shares some of the training tips he's picked up during his time at Seaworld. At the same time, Elliot experience with her interns makes her realize that she needs to stand up to Dr. Kelso (Ken Jenkins). Meanwhile, Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) and Jordan (guest star Christa Miller Lawrence) are having some trouble finding a doctor for their kid, until they meet Dr. Norris (guest star Christopher Meloni) whose abrasive, yet somehow familiar personality makes his the perfect candidate for the job. Judy Reyes and Neil Flynn also star.

Cast: Donald Faison, John C. McGinley, Judy Reyes, Ken Jenkins, Sarah Chalke, Zach Braff, Christopher Meloni, Christa Miller Lawrence, Neil Flynn, Scott Foley, Johnny Kastl, Robbie Swift, John E. Cheffy, Kiran Rao, Jace Milstead

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