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Friday, June 15, 2007 - 11:33 AM Permanent link for More Sepia Mutiny
More Sepia Mutiny

Some more of my Sepia Mutiny posts y'all might find interesting -

A Farewell to Doffing & Doffing About -- Some interesting, empirical data on persistent diffs b/t Indian and non-Indian productivity in manufacturing.  Yep, "IST" is part of the problem.


Friedman on India -- Uncle Milt visited India in 1963 and had an incredibly prophetic series of observations about the country, it's economic future, and what eventually broke the back of its licensing regime.

My Canadian Celebrity Double? -- I'm not Vinod but I play him on TV.   Perhaps.

Was Gandhi Anti-Semitic?  Depends on what you mean by Anti-Semitic.  He had a pretty scary proposition for the Jews who faced Nazi extermination.  Of course, in his "intention-centered" world view, he'd have treated the consequences as the price of moving up to a new world view.

Gurcharan Das on Hydaspes River -- What one of the most famous battles of antiquity may have taught us about what's held India back for so long.


 (a previous SM post compendium is here)

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