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Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - 05:43 PM Permanent link for bush rock concert
bush rock concert

(from Pejman)  Pejman has this post describing a real life event at a punk rock concert in Southern Cal.

The lead singer of every band that day had gotten huge cheers in between songs by shouting things like "ANARCHY!" or, "F--- CORPORATIONS!" or just, "S---!" and all fifty thousand kids would scream their approval, whoop, and shove their fists into the air. Typical, I guess. Then, "Buzzcocks" came on, played their first song, and the lead singer stepped forward and shouted this (verbatim from Jack, he wrote it down) into the mike: "F--- GEORGE BUSH! DON'T LISTEN TO HIM. WE HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING IN IRAQ, NO MATTER WHAT HE SAYS." And here comes the good news.

There was a long pause, complete silence. And then they started. The boos. One here, one there. Then everyone. Everyone. Louder and louder. Jack told me how the puzzled singer blinked in surprise, looked at the rest of his band, and then stepped forward again to try to save the moment. "NO, NO, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. I SAID F--- GEORGE BUSH. F--- HIM." The boos grew even louder, and then people began shouting back up to the stage, "NO, MAN, F--- YOU!" "YEAH, F--- YOU, A-----E!" More and more, ceaselessly rising, until the shaken band caucused quickly and just blasted into their next song.

I'm personally more anti-Left than I am Pro-Bush (many of my recent posts notwithstanding).    And I'm definitely "pro Iraq regime change for national security" vs. anti-war.    Nevertheless, seeing this kind of stuff brings quite a surprised smile to my face.

UPDATE:  Well, it turns out that this entire story, which had quite a following in the Blogosphere is fake. The band in question -- the Buzzcocks -- have a denial of the incident on their website  (scroll to see the News for Oct 8).    It was a great story though   ;-(


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